Retailing & Distribution

We provide a full range of quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices to all our customers. This philosophy allows us to contribute to the health needs of everyone in the society. We are the largest pharmaceutical retailing and distribution company in Ghana. With our extensive network of distribution channels and warehouse facilities nationwide and beyond, we help to make quality and affordable medicine accessible to all.

Additionally, our fleet of over 120 trucks, vans and cars ensure that our products reach every corner of the country and beyond. This important function, is performed by our strong team of Medical and Sales Representatives who work round the clock to ensure the delivery of quality and affordable medicines to every customer.

Our retail and wholesale shops are managed by qualified and experienced pharmacists and dedicated medical assistants. Our retail shops (pharmacies) are ultra-modern pharmacies that serve as a one stop shop and offer a wide range of pharmaceutical products as well as consumer products. Our aim is to provide convenience and to bring quality and affordable products closer to our customers, coupled with exceptional customer service.

Our distribution channels are managed by our centralised warehouses in Accra and Kumasi. We adopt a multi-faceted approach in the distribution of our products with the goal of cutting down lead-time in reaching customers/consumers.

We use prequalified independent pharmaceutical distributors, retail pharmacies and chemical sellers to augment our warehouses, wholesales and retails (pharmacies) in reaching our customers/consumers. Government medical stores, hospitals, clinics and private health facilities are key partners to our business.

Our expansion programme is on course with the view to adding new wholesales and pharmacies to the network. Our objective is to get closer to the customer, thereby reduce the cost of doing business with us.

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