We continue to extend our wide distribution network to provide quality and affordable medicines to other parts of African. This is in line with our vision to be among the top ten indigenous African pharmaceutical companies.

Well planned Export activities commenced within Ernest Chemists Limited in 2009. Before the formation for the Exports Division, we had already embarked on several prospective activities in African countries. The cumulative effect of those activities is the leverage ECL has gained in some West African countries.

Our exports have mainly been pharmaceutical products manufactured locally by us in Ghana. We opened our first wholly owned subsidiary in Freetown, Nest Pharma Limited, the capital of Sierra Leone in September 2010.

We also operate through accredited distributors in the under listed countries:

Ernest Chemists is also gaining a foot-hold in the Nigerian market and has completed the registration of some of its brands in the country. Plans are also afoot to establish a subsidiary of ECL in Nigeria.

In addition to the above efforts to grow our distribution network across Africa, we have started making efforts to operate in Benin and Burkina Faso.

In order to gain visibility and to aid our mission to provide quality and affordable medicine to other parts of Africa, we participate in international trade exhibitions in a number of African countries. We also participate in international tendering programmes in countries like Senegal, Cote D’ivoire and Namibia.

With the results achieved so far, we are confident that Ernest Chemists Limited is poised to increase its reach and impact in West Africa and beyond. There are plans to enter other Africa countries in the near future. We derive fulfilment from our growing capacity to bring quality and affordable medicines to other African countries.

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