Ernest Chemist: a leader in a growing pharmaceutical industry

Sep 2020
Ernest Chemests

Ernest Chemists Limited (ECL), having been adjudged the Number 1 Pharmaceutical Company at the recent Ghana Pharma Awards looks forward to a promising future.

The Founder and CEO of the company, Ernest Bediako Sampong, a Pharmacist by profession was also recognized at the same event for his tremendous contribution and impact on the Pharmaceutical industry. In recent past, has been adjudged the Outstanding Entrepreneur Personality of the Decade, 2010-2020 (Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana), Man of the Year 2020 (EMY Africa Awards) and the Number 1 CEO in the Pharmaceutical Industry 2020 (Ghana Pharma Awards).

With these recognitions and awards, the company is poised to complete and go live with its current investment in the construction of a new European Union Good Manufacturing Practices (EU GMP) factory.

This facility upon completion will be among the State of the Art within the Pharmaceutical Industry in West Africa and beyond. The expected output and generation from this facility are estimated around 300 percent of the current.

In addition to the already existing pharmaceutical products lines being manufactured by Ernest Chemists Limited, this new EU GMP factory will manufacture Non-Oral Liquids such as Large Volume Parenteral (infusions), Small Volume Parenteral (Ophthalmic & Nasal Preparations) and Injectables.

The strategic objective of this new factory is to help create employment as well as serve the pharmaceutical needs of Ghanaians and other neighbouring countries without relying heavily on imported products. It also looks forward to partner with other multinational brands in contract manufacturing geared towards its mantra of “Providing Quality and Affordable Medicines.”

With an extensive network of distribution channels as well as warehouse facilities nationwide and beyond, Ernest Chemists Limited ensures that quality and affordable medicines are accessible to all.  With this brand promise of “Providing Quality and Affordable Medicines”, the Directors drive the vision to ensure that, the ECL brand delivers on its promise.

This has been achieved through the development of a visible strategic brand that serves all segments of the market/society in an ultra-modern one-stop-shop. The ambience, layout and well-labelled product sections of the retails allows customers to move around freely and find products easily.

Some product sections include Prescription and Over the Counter (OTC), Dental Care, Health & Wellness, Vegan, Baby Care, Children’s Health, Lifestyle, Beauty & Skincare, Cosmetics, Men’s Personal care and household items.

Ernest Chemists retails have also, value-added services such as free blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI) screening, other medical screenings and free delivery services within defined areas within the metropolis. Ernest Chemists’ professional Pharmacists are always available to offer medical advice, medication counselling and a helping hand.

ECL which is a wholly-owned Ghanaian company, started as a sole proprietorship by the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ernest Bediako Sampong, a Pharmacist by profession and an impeccable entrepreneur in 1986. With his persistence and determination, ECL became a limited liability company in 1993.  During this period, ECL imported and distributed pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer with over 30 years’ entrepreneurial experience, ventured into Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in the year 2001, in order to diversify Ernest Chemists Limited into 3 main divisions – Manufacturing, Trading (Retailing & Distribution) and Exports.

It has therefore over the years, partnered reputable Multinational Companies such as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), AstraZeneca, Roche, Novartis, Unilever (Europe), Danone, Avent (Philips), Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Exeter Pharmaceuticals among others, either as a distributor, contract manufacturer or packaging of their products.

In line with the vision and strategic direction, Ernest Chemists Limited is committed to contributing to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in Africa and helping to improve health care delivery in Ghana by supporting worthy courses.

Recent philanthropic support had been among other things, a donation to the COVID-19 Trust Fund, donations to COVID-19 isolation facilities at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge Hospital), Tema General Hospital and other health facilities including Kwahu Atibie Hospital, Tamale Teaching Hospital, Volta Regional Health Directorate and Margaret Marquart Catholic Hospital.



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