Grow strong, grow healthy
with Kidivite!

Grow strong, Grow healthy with Kidivite!

KIDIVITE Multivitamin Tonic and Drops contain vital vitamins and nutritional elements to meet the nutritional requirements of babies and children during the first 12 years of rapid development. KIDIVITE Multivitamin Tonic and Drops have been developed to ensure babies and children get all the essential vitamins and nutrients they need for a healthy development during these vital years of their life.

These vitamins and nutrients include:

Kidivite Multivitamin Drops is taken by babies from 0-12months

Kidivite Multivitamin Tonic is taken by children between the age of 1-12 years

Trust Kidivite Multivitamin Tonic and Drops to provide all the vitamins and nutrients for a healthy development in your child. Your child will grow strong and grow healthy with Kidivite!

Kidivite is distributed by Ernest Chemists Limited. Kidivite is available in all Ernest Chemists Pharmacies and all Pharmacies in Ghana.

For Bulk Purchase contact Ernest Chemists Limited Wholesales or 0302 290 8674/5 or

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