No Pain, Happy Again!

When Aches, Pain and Fever bring your children down, trust E-PANOL to help them bounce back to their usual happy, playful selves.

E-PANOL Paracetamol Syrup provides effective relief from aches, pain and fever among babies and children from 6 months to 12 years.  

E-PANOL comes in original and strawberry flavours, providing the same great relief for your children. Remember to consult a doctor if symptoms persist after 3 days. 

Your children deserve to enjoy their childhood to the fullest and E-PANOL helps them do just that! 

E-PANOL……. No Pain. Happy Again!

E-Panol is distributed by Ernest Chemists Limited and is available in all Ernest Chemists Limited Pharmacies and all Pharmacies in Ghana.

For Bulk Purchase contact Ernest Chemists Limited Wholesales or 0302 290 8674/ 0302 290 8675 or

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