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Auntie Mary‘s Gripe Mixture has been keeping babies and children smiling for more than a decade by effectively relieving them from Gastric Pain, Flatulence, Minor Digestive Upset and Teething Discomfort

Gastric (Stomach) Pain

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Colic usually occurs in infants between the ages of ten days and three months. The exact cause of these colics remain fully unknown. However, Experts believe that, allergy to formula or a reaction to certain diets of the mother, that gets to the baby through breastmilk may be the cause. Others suggest that, Colic may simply occur because the baby’s digestive system is not fully developed yet. Colic seems to produce rapid and severe (painful) contractions of the intestine that probably are responsible for the baby’s pain. Auntie Mary’s Gripe Mixture is effective at stopping the Colic and soothing the baby’s gastric pains and discomfort.


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Many normal, everyday baby events can create gas, including an immature digestive system, excessive crying, and eating too quickly or too slowly. As a result, gas becomes trapped in the stomach, causing bloating, discomfort and distress. Auntie Mary’s Gripe Mixture provides rapid relief from trapped gas by helping break down and getting rid of the trapped gas from the intestines.

Minor Digestive Upset

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Very often, the digestive system has difficulty digesting some components of our meals even as adults. This also occurs commonly in babies, infants and children. This indigestion is a common cause of stomach upset, grumpiness and excessive crying. The active ingredient (Sodium Bicarbonate) contained in Auntie Mary’s Gripe Mixture is effective at tackling indigestion in babies, children and even adults. This is one important factor that continues to make Auntie Mary’s Gripe Mixture the Number One choice!

Teething Discomfort

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Auntie Mary’s Gripe Mixture is also a perfect remedy to soothe the irritability and discomfort teething babies suffer. The excessive drooling may be caused by an enzyme released by the baby’s salivary glands. Invariably, some of the saliva containing the enzyme would get swallowed and this leads to stomach upsets in babies. Is your baby drooling excessively and feeling irritable and crying? Auntie Mary’s Gripe Mixture promptly relieves baby of this stomach upset and restores their joyful bubbliness.

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Auntie Mary’s Gripe Mixture gives your babies and children relief to ensure they smile through their special childhood milestones for a beautiful lasting memory.

Trust Auntie Mary’s Gripe Mixture to keep your children smiling………because a Relieved Child is a Happy Child.

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Auntie Mary’s Gripe Mixture is locally manufactured and distributed by Ernest Chemists Limited. Auntie Mary is available in all Ernest Chemists Pharmacies and all Pharmacies in Ghana.

For Bulk Purchase contact Ernest Chemists Limited Wholesales or 0302 290 8674/5 or

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